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Merchant Account Services

Access Group Processing (AGP) is a full-service merchant services provider that has helped thousands of merchants pay the lowest merchant account costs available anywhere. In fact, AGP was initially created for one primary purpose: to provide merchants with the lowest possible overall processing costs. PERIOD!

How Does AGP Do It?

Large Collective Processing Volumes = Low Per Merchant Costs

Because AGP specializes in group merchant account programs, AGP was able to and continues to be responsible for very large processing volumes. Our large collective processing volume affords us the luxury of only having to make pennies on individual transactions whereas others (our competitors) need to make dollars. Simply stated, AGP can afford to offer merchant accounts and special programs with margings that are lower than most. In fact, AGP Merchants on average SAVE 33% and some save as much as 50% on their monthly processing fees.

Low Merchant Cost = Low Merchant Attrition

Since AGP always provides the lowest cost base rates, we have very low attrition. This allows AGP to always grow and continue to maintain our low cost (small margin) philosophy.

AGP’s longtime B2B & Card-Not-Present Expertise = Lower Processing Costs to the Merchant

Are you using or have you ever even heard of Level 3 Processing??? Level 3 processing can save a B2B merchant 50 to 100 bps (.50% to 1.00%) on most business card and P-card transactions. AGP has saved some qualified merchants tens of thousands of dollars annually in processing costs who take advantage of AGP’s Level 3 expertise.

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